Encountering Jesus Christ personally will impact every aspect of our lives. He, along with God the Father and the Holy Spirit will be with us in times of joy and despair, laughter and sorrow - He never leaves us. 

Recognising Him at work in our lives is our challenge. 

God is faithful even in times of our great weakness. The journey of faith is not for the fainthearted. It is tough and will seem to stretch us beyond our limits. You will be called to burst through your comfort zone and into unchartered territory, but God has gone before you and walks with you now.

Our Catholic Church has a great desire to encounter and accompany you on this journey. The people you meet in your parish, your youth leader, priest, school chaplain or your friends all make up our church. Listen to them and share with them and most important of all, pray with them.

These blogs written by young people for young people may help you at different times of this exciting journey.