"There is only one thing to do on this earth: love Jesus with all our the strength of our heart and save souls for him, so that he will be loved"      Therese of Lisieux

How many of us tell our story's on social media. For some, it is the only way we openly tell our stories. Many major companies and celebrities use social media to launch high campaigns or release statements about who they are.  

Story telling has been around a long time. In Jesus' time it was how traditions and news were passed from one person to another. 

Telling our story - enlightening other people to who we are is a primary role for us as Catholics. At the end of the Mass, the final words God wants us to hear are " Go and proclaim the Gospel of the Lord". This is our mission. Listening to others encounters of Jesus is one way in which we can hear the voice of God, having the confidence to share who Jesus is for me is a prayer to be made daily. We hope you enjoy watching and listening to some of our pilgrims on their journey to heaven speak about the moments they knew God was speaking directly to them.