"It is necessary to leave our interior turmoil in order to find God"
Robert Cardinal Sarah

Working out who God wants us to be is increasingly challenging in a world that thrives on rapid change. This can be confusing and stressful as we enter into adult life. The fast pace of society, the demands placed upon us can lead us to be swept along in our decision making.

It is vital, therefore to take time to reflect. Prayer can help us to reflect on the world we live, on our relationships and on Gods voice. 

"Recognising that the Word of God is of Great importance" and reflecting on His word will aid us as we strive for holiness.

Sometimes it is important to be silent for a significant chunk of time. Giving yourself time to lose the inner noise which can distort God's unique plan for you - will open a fresh way to view yourself, as God sees you. 

You may wish to sit in front of the Blessed Sacrament in adoration. This unique encounter with Jesus will enable Him to speak directly to you. Don't forget, when God speaks, something always happens! 

So, take your time, build the silence up slowly and regularly - perhaps begin with 5 minutes a day and do not put pressure on yourself (or God!). Allow God simply to be with you and you with Him.