Simply listening is great but it's not enough. Interpeting God's voice is vital to discerning who He wants us to be. Listening can lead to confusion or despair and this is not a state God wants us to remain in.

Sharing with people you know can help us translate the word of God in our own lives. Pope Francis encourages us that "Reality is greater than ideas". Rooting ourselves in reality and not being drawn away into an alternative realities is important. 

If possible speak to your parish priest about someone who may act as a spiritual director for you. This person will support and encourage you to interpret what is going on in your life and keep you grounded in reality.

It is essential to keep praying during these times. When we are most confused or feeling down it can be the last thing we want to do but it is the only thing we should do! Our Church gives us many great prayers for daily use and although you may find it challenging at first, keep going and Gods beauty will shine through. 

You can watch stories of other people interpreting the word of God in their lives here